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Before we forget

(aka the kid from the big apple 2)

Michelle Yoon

This novel is adapted from the sequel to the hit movie THE KID FROM THE BIG APPLE.

Two years ago, when Chun Gen’s daughter Shu Xian suddenly returned from New York with Sarah, his granddaughter that he had never met, his life was thrown upside down. Since then, they have grown extremely close and Chun Gen is now finally able to experience the love and affection of living with family. But life throws him a curveball: his health condition takes a hard hit.

Time is running out but Chun Gen refuses to accept treatment, causing a rift between himself and Shu Xian. Instead, he digs deep to find the strength to settle an old score. On Shu Xian’s birthday, he secretly invites an unexpected guest to their family dinner, which opens the door to a past they had tried to forget.

Faced with the challenges of the present and the ghosts of their past, will the bonds they share survive the storm?

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