Fairy Tales


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Fairy Tales

Hans Christian Andersen
4.16  ·  Rating details ·  2,726 ratings  ·  171 reviews

Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales are like exquisite jewels, drawing from us gasps of recognition and delight. Writing in the midst of a Europe-wide rebirth of national literature, Anderson broke new ground with his fairy tales in two important ways. First, he composed them in the vernacular, mimicking the language he used in telling them to children aloud. Second, he set his tales in his own land and time, giving rise to his loving descriptions of the Danish countryside. In contrast to such folklorists as the Brothers Grimm, Anderson’s tales are grounded in the real and often focus on the significance of small or overlooked things.

Tinderbox —
Little Claus and big Claus —
Princess on the pea —
Thumbelina —
Traveling companion —
Little mermaid —
Emperor’s new clothes —
Steadfast tin soldier —
Wild swans —
Flying trunk —
Nightingale —
Sweethearts —
Ugly duckling —
Fir tree —
Snow queen —
Red shoes —
Shepherdess and the chimney sweep —
Shadow —
Old house —
Little match girl —
Story of a mother —
Collar —
Bell —
Marsh King’s daughter —
Wind tells of Valdemar Daae and his daughters —
Snowman —
Ice maiden —
Wood nymph —
Most incredible thing —
Auntie toothache.

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Weight 0.3 kg
Book Details

Paperback, 363 pages
Published January 1st 1994 by Penguin (first published 1835)
ISBN 0140624279 (ISBN13: 9780140624274)

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