Sorcerer to the Crown


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Sorcerer to the Crown

(Sorcerer Royal #1)

Zen Cho
3.74  ·  Rating details ·  11,789 ratings  ·  2,493 reviews

Magic and mayhem collide with the British elite in this whimsical and sparkling debut.

At his wit’s end, Zacharias Wythe, freed slave, eminently proficient magician, and Sorcerer Royal of the Unnatural Philosophers—one of the most respected organizations throughout all of Britain—ventures to the border of Fairyland to discover why England’s magical stocks are drying up.

But when his adventure brings him in contact with a most unusual comrade, a woman with immense power and an unfathomable gift, he sets on a path which will alter the nature of sorcery in all of Britain—and the world at large…

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Weight 0.3 kg
Book Details

Paperback, 371 pages
Published July 28th 2016 by Pan (first published September 1st 2015)
Original Title Sorcerer to the Crown
ISBN 1447299469 (ISBN13: 9781447299462)

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