If you have the option to buy or rent books, it’s sometimes hard to decide which works for you. Everyone has their own preference. Some like to read and not own, some like to collect books in their home library. Here are some benefits to rent instead of buy:

Why Rent?

  • Book rents are cheap vs buying prices.

If you’re interested to read a book that costs RM80, you could rent it from us for only RM5. The RM80 gives you a chance to read 16 books with us!

  • You don’t need to clutter your shelves.

Over-stacking of the shelves will lead to books being left everywhere in the house…and if we don’t live alone, this will likely annoy those who live with us!

  • If you’re those who won’t re-read a book, rent it is!

We don’t often re-read a book unless it’s our ultimate favourite. So, many books end up being stored after just one reading and it takes up space.

  • No constant book-care needed.

Pages of books get yellowed and foxed, over time not to mention the dust that settles on them. And there’s nothing much we can do as it’s part of the ageing process. Unless you are willing to constantly take care of them to prevent these conditions.

  • No pressure to finish a book you don’t enjoy.

Let’s face it, we don’t always end up liking a book we bought. And it seems like such a waste of money if we don’t finish reading it. But it’s no fun to keep reading something we don’t enjoy. With just RM5 rental, you won’t feel such a pinch in your pocket even if you decide not to finish reading the book.

  • A sustainable way to read.

The book industry uses lots of paper, needing lots of trees to be cut down for that purpose. If the same copy of book can fulfil many people’s joy to read and reuse it, it may be a more sustainable way forward.

  • Helps you make a more definite buying decision.

Sometimes we ponder for a long time before buying a book. Why not rent it, read it and only after that decide if you like it enough to buy your own copy for safekeeping? That way, you won’t end up buying and regretting if it doesn’t serve you well.

It’s A Personal Choice

When it comes to books and reading preference, it’s truly a very individual thing. Some just love to have books around them, regardless whether they have the time to finish reading everything stashed at home. It’s simply a joy to be surrounded by books.

Others read for the adventure, knowledge, and fun they get out of it. They don’t necessarily like to collect them. Just the content within the pages are enough of a thrill.

Whatever your preference, we hope you continue to have fun with your reading and/or book collecting hobbies. It can never lead us astray…

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