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This one-time subscription is a re-usable pre-paid deposit for you to rent books.

We hold this amount in your user account, and you can continuously rent books without to and fro transactions of paying and refunding deposits.

Once subscribed, you only pay the rental price of books each time you checkout. This subscription entitles you to use up to RM100 as deposit at a time for your rentals.

Please read the Terms & Conditions below.



Terms & Conditions:

This subscription is a re-usable pre-paid deposit for books to be rented. The amount paid for subscription remains in your account always, unless book damages/rental extension/late return/non-return fees are deducted from it.

You may rent books up to a total deposit of RM100 at any one time with this plan. If your order’s total deposit exceeds RM100, you can top up the additional amount and continue renting as usual.

The pre-paid amount will show in your account as Wallet Credits, and can only be used to offset deposit related fees. Rental and shipping fees are to be paid as usual at checkout when you rent books.

Credits in use as deposit will be deducted, and you will see remaining credit balance that you can still use as deposit.

Once books have been returned, your Wallet Credits will be returned to your account accordingly.

You may terminate this plan at any time and the subscription amount (less any fees for book damages/late return/non-return that apply) will be refunded to you.

Extension/late return fee of RM3 per month will be deducted from your Wallet Credits.

Fees relating to book damages or non-return of rentals will also be deducted from your Wallet Credits.

The usual Rental Terms apply.



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